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David Naso Designs has 35 years of experience creating unique custom woodworking projects for local residents and businesses in the Iowa City area. The use of domestic hardwoods like maple, cherry, walnut, and oak, combined with techniques such as visually interesting inlays and exposed joints, makes each custom woodworking project from David Naso Designs special and one of a kind.

David Naso, expert craftsman, chooses each log and remains in control of the milling process. As a result, larger and more beautiful pieces of wood can be used. When it comes to having each individual piece of wood chosen by the artist and using wood that is commercially milled, there is no comparison. Not only is each piece different, but each piece is handpicked.

Once the wood is chosen, it is handcrafted into a beautiful piece of custom furniture that you help design. Whether you prefer something rustic with a live edge, or a more geometric design, let David Naso Designs work with you to create something that fits your individual style and space, and speaks to your own taste. We invite you to be involved in the design process, whether that means coming to us with a specific inspiration or idea, or simply becoming inspired by our past works.

Custom-built furniture is not only special because each piece is unique. Building a piece of custom furniture means a marrying of two peoples’ visions: the designer’s and the client’s. Call or e-mail David Naso Designs so we can get started on your custom woodworking project.

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